Featured Member for August: Meredith Bond

QG: When did you first get hooked (and what hooked you) on the Regency era?

The first Regency romance I ever read was Friday’s Child by Georgette Heyer. Her dialogue was nothing like anything I’d ever read before. It was funny and just so outlandish I sat and giggled my way through the book. I got caught up in the romance and the wonderful, odd characters. And the happy ending was a cherry on top of this delicious, wonderful cake. I wanted more.

Friday’s Child did not end up being my favorite of Heyer’s books, that was always a tie between The Toll Gate and These Old Shades.

QG: What advice would you give to writers just starting out?

The first piece of advice I always give to new writers—and to writers who’ve been at it a while—is to work on their writing craft and never stop learning and trying new things. Writing is a practice (like being a lawyer or a doctor). There are always new things to try, new ideas on how to tell a story or structure one, new ways to go about the business of writing. Never stop reading and learning.

QG: Tell us about your current project or latest release.

My latest releases were a really fun series called Royals & Rebels. The first book of the series is based on The Prisoner of Zenda where a young woman is asked to impersonate a princess who is missing (Book One: In Lieu of a Princess). We learn in the second book that she’s missing because she’s gone in search of her brother who was reported as having drowned while crossing the English Channel. The princess doesn’t believe her brother is dead and goes in search of him (Princess on the Run). In the third book he is, in fact, in hiding while he investigates who is attempting to kill him (A Prince Among Spies). The three books have a continuing mystery running through them, although each individual book has a happily ever after.

QG: What comes first, plot or characters?

Always the characters. They are the heart of every story I write.

QG: Do you have a daily writing schedule and goals? What are they?

Every day I start my day by writing what I had planned the previous day (I keep a writing journal). I try to write between 1500 and 2500 words a day. And then I end my writing time by planning out what I’ll write the next day.

QG: Is there a special quote or saying that motivates you as a writer?

So many!! I love writing quotes. Here are two of my favorite:

“Don’t believe everything you think.”

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with and I can turn the world upside down.” Friedrich Nietzche

QG: Pantser or Plotter or hybrid?

I’ve tried them all and have found that I need to do at least some plotting. Some books need more than that, some only need the basic turning points for me to know where the story needs to go.

QG: Would you like to travel back in time? Where would you go? What one thing would you take with you?

I’d love to go back to Regency London, but just for one day. I don’t think I could take much more than that, lol!

QG: What music do you play when writing?

I listen to Brain.fm. It’s great at blocking out other noises and getting me to focus.

Thank for sharing with us, Meredith!

About the Author

Meredith Bond’s books straddle that beautiful line between historical romance and fantasy. An award-winning author, she writes fun traditional Regency romances, medieval Arthurian romances, and Regency romances with a touch of magic. Known for her characters “who slip readily into one’s heart,” Meredith loves to take her readers on a journey they won’t soon forget.  You can find out more about her, her books, and her coaching and formatting work at https://meredithbond.com.

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