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RFW welcomes all authors aged 18+ who write fiction set in the extended Regency years of 1780 to 1840, including mystery, romance, fantasy/paranormal, alternate reality, LGBTQ+, military, or historical novels.

Benefits of Membership

For the yearly membership fee, RFW offers:

  • Access to member-only forums to connect with and learn from a community of writers who enjoy discussing historical details and writing craft
  • Discounted registration for Academe classes presenting detailed courses on historical topics and writing instruction
  • Access to The Regency Realm, a database with over 900 author-submitted reviews of reference materials, including maps, hard-to-find books, videos, and articles
  • Discounted registration to the Annual RFW Conference and Soirée, an event that presents talks and lectures by best-selling authors and international experts
  • Free access to our virtual Monthly Tea featuring presentations by leading experts and discussion with other members
  • Optional guest contributions to The Quizzing Glass blog, allowing authors at all levels to share their knowledge on a topic with other history lovers
  • Free listings of member new releases in The Regency Reader, a monthly email to readers world-wide
  • Access to the RFW Member Directory to connect with other like-minded authors
  • Opportunities to volunteer and become involved in the organization (which has its own perks!)

You Belong Here

Regency Fiction Writers…

  • Welcomes all writers aged 18+ who are creating fiction set in the extended Regency years of 1780 to 1840, regardless of stage of publication or publication path.
  • Embraces all writers regardless of race, creed, religion, ethnicity, nationality, age, body size, physical appearance, neurodiversity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, or ability or other factors.
  • Encourages all members to create their own unique, fictional worlds based on their desired level of historical accuracy, types and diversities of characters and relationships, level of sexuality, and any other factors that are part of each author’s creativity and imagination.
  • Counts among its members writers who are creating all types of Regency-set fiction, including mysteries, historical novels, romances (both sweeping historical and shorter stories), steam-punk Regency, alternate history, time-travel, fantasy, paranormal, erotica, and more.
  • Offers workshops, classes, and other events presented by exceptional instructors, academics, and authors about this fascinating era of great change, style, and upheaval—a world recreated in many forms of fiction that attracts readers of all ages and types.

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