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Daniel Livesay,
author of Children of Uncertain Fortune

JULY 16, 2024 at 1PM EDT

The Social and Imperial Pressures on Britons of Color in the Early Nineteenth Century


This talk will discuss the challenges that Britons of African heritage faced in the Regency period as racial resentment increased in Europe. It will document the biographies of several Jamaicans of color who moved to Britain, along with the political debates around slavery at the time that ended up making life difficult for those of African ancestry. This Tea will contain in-depth information from the book Children of Uncertain Fortune and is part of a series of programs that will finish at our annual conference!

Daniel Livesay is a scholar of Early American and Atlantic History.  His work examines the intersection of race, family, and slavery in North America and the Caribbean. He teaches courses on slavery, Native American history, the history of the family, revolutions, and racial ideologies in the Americas.


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May 12, 2024 at 5PM EDT

New Website Orientation


May is all about unveiling the newly redesigned RFW website! Justine will give members a tour of the new site and demonstrate how to perform common tasks, such as viewing and responding to forum posts, registering for classes and events, and more. She’ll also walk through the new “My Dashboard” and all the content that can be accessed from it, as well as share tips on how you can customize your RFW online profile.

Two Regency woman one holding a reticule

May 16, 2024 at 2PM EDT

What Would a Regency Lady Carry in Her Reticule?

WITH Candice Hern

Join Candice as she explains what a reticule was (called a ridicule during the Regency) and the items a lady would have carried in it! This presentation will be a comprehensive survey of items that might have been carried in a reticule, including cosmetics, coin purses, and vinaigrettes. The items our characters carry in their reticules can say a lot about them, and in this Monthly Tea, we will learn just what to put in a reticule!

Kim Wilson,
author of In the Garden with Jane Austen

June 24, 2024 at 6PM EDT

In the Garden with Jane Austen: Love in the Shrubbery


Kim Wilson brings Georgian and Regency gardens to life with an illustrated tour of English gardens, from tiny cottage gardens, to the gardens of the grand estates, to the gardens Jane Austen herself knew and loved. Featuring material from Wilson’s book, In the Garden with Jane Austen, the presentation will discuss 18th and 19th century gardening, the roles gardens played in the lives and loves of Austen and her characters, and will reveal the secrets to making your own Jane Austen garden.

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