October 1-30, 2024

From Chop House to Great House: Dining in the Regency

with Dr Alessandra Pino
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Regency era dinner table

Class Description

Step into the world of Regency dining with, “From Chop House to Great House: Dining in the Regency.” Explore the evolution of culinary traditions during this influential era, where dining went beyond mere sustenance to become an art of sophistication and societal expression. These classes will take you on a fascinating journey from humble chop houses, frequented by the discerning middle class, to the opulent great houses of the aristocracy. Uncover the nuances of Regency cuisine, from the art of menu planning to the intricacies of table settings and etiquette.

In this immersive class, we will:

Examine Regency Culinary Trends: Analyze the shift in dining preferences, exploring the influence of French cuisine, exotic ingredients, and the changing landscape of taste during the Regency period.

Decode Regency Dining Etiquette: Navigate the intricate world of Regency manners and customs, from the arrangement of cutlery to the fine art of conversation during meals.

The Opportunity to Recreate Regency Recipes: Roll up your sleeves and bring history to life with some Regency recipes, exploring the flavors that delighted the palates of the time. 

Explore Social Significance: Uncover the social dynamics of dining, examining how meals were used as a powerful tool for networking, courtship, and displaying one’s status in Regency society.

Writers and enthusiasts of Regency fiction will discover how this knowledge can elevate their storytelling, lending authenticity to their narratives and creating a more immersive experience for readers. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a food connoisseur, or an aspiring Regency fiction writer, “From Chop House to Great House: Dining in the Regency” promises to enrich your understanding and inspire your creativity. 

Dr. Alessandra Pino

About the Instructor

Dr Alessandra Pino is an expert on the intersections of the Gothic, food, and cultural memory. Born in Hampstead, London, to an Italian mother and Venezuelan diplomat father, Alessandra grew up in different countries and across cultures and languages. She holds degrees from ‘L’Orientale’ University, Naples (Italy), and from the University of Westminster (UK, MA in Translation Studies); she was awarded a PhD in Food, Cultural Memory, and the Gothic in 2022. Alessandra worked with a Michelin-starred chef for nearly ten years before moving to academia, researching and publishing on food, cultural memory, the supernatural and the Gothic.

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