Do 18th c. Breeches Have Pockets?

The age-old question regarding pockets in 18th c. breeches is investigated by bestselling authors, Loretta Chase & Susan Holloway Scott, from

Do 18th c. Breeches Have Pockets?

Susan reporting: A reader commenting on today’s post that featured the gentleman’s velvet breeches asked: “Everyone always wants to know where the pockets were in the garments. I have had people argue vehemently that there are no pockets in breeches.”

For the answer, I went back to Mark Hutter, Journeyman Tailor here at CW.                 His reply: there’s no definite right or wrong. Some breeches have pockets, and some don’t. Most likely the decision would be made according to the wearer’s personal taste.

Where are the pockets? They’re on the front of the breeches, never on the back.

On the pair of replica breeches, there is the front flap or fall, with buttons on the corners of the fall. On either side of the fall are button-through points, and the pockets are below that.

Mark says that he’s also seen a long, narrow pocket along one side seam called a purse pocket, with another button flap for security. For comparison, the boy’s breeches, right, don’t have pockets.

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