April Kihlstrom – Featured Beau Monde Author

April Kihlstrom, today’s Featured Beau Monde Author, is the author of over 30 published romance novels, including 28 Signet Regencies.

Her degrees are in Honors Math and Operations Research. She also coaches fellow writers, teachings online classes, is a popular speaker and is the acknowledged Mistress of Book in a Week.

She believes that what we do and what we write helps to shape the world in which we live.

Find her at – Web and Face Book

Twitter @AprilKihlstrom

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  1. I’ve been reading April Kihlstrom since the 80s. A Choice of Cousins and An Improper Companion are my favorites. They feature wonderful characters and, in particular, subtle writing that is delightful because it is not “on the nose” like today’s craft.

    1. Angelyn,
      Thanks for dropping by to leave such a wonderful compliment to April and her writing,
      I’m certain she’ll be thrilled at your praise,

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