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Regan Walker, Featured Beau Monde AuthorRegan didn’t begin to write romance until she’d already had a decades-long career in law. But she wrote stories as a child and never lost her love of seeing fantasy come to life on the page. When she discovered the world of historical romance, she began reviewing novels. She has 500 reviews on Amazon and 10 “best” lists as well as her own blog, Regan’s Romance Reviews.

As she was describing one story that had captivated her to her best friend, the friend said, “Why don’t you write one? You tell great stories and you write well.” So she did.

Her first novel, RACING WITH THE WIND, is set in London and Paris in 1816, and tells the story of a rebellious young woman, Lady Mary Campbell who determines to go to Paris with her statesman uncle over the objections of a British lord.

There is much of her in that character, not surprisingly. As Regan had served at high levels of government, it’s not surprising that her first trilogy, of which RACING is book 1, is Agents of the Crown, and features heroes who tackle unusual assignments for the Prince Regent.

It’s available on Amazon and the Prologue can be read on Regan’s website,

Regan is a member of RWA and The Beau Monde, San Diego and Greater Seattle chapters, as well as Savvy Authors and Romance Writers Uncensored. She likes to stay connected with other authors, to support them and vicariously enjoy their successes. She lives in San Diego with her Golden Retriever and considers it paradise! She has one son, 23, who is gorgeous. (You can see his pic on her website.)

Regan’s Romance Reviews blog:
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  1. What an interesting story Regan has! She brings a wealth of varied experiences and lots of talent and passion to her new career. RACING WITH THE WIND is a great novel – I read it and really enjoyed it. And, I’ve been honored to be featured on Regan’s blog and have my name on several of her “Best” lists. Thanks, Regan, for all you do to spread the word about the finest in historical romance – and best of luck with your own writing career!

    1. Cindy,
      You are one of my heroes of the genre! Thanks for being such a mentor and so encouraging!

  2. The design of your book cover is gorgeous. And what a fresh premise for a trilogy. I, too, wish you lots of sales, for this book and the others in the trilogy.

    In addition, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with promoting your new book in the Beau Monde forum. I am sure your words of wisdom will help other authors better promote their own work. What a great way to help support your fellow authors, and also let Regency readers know about stories they might otherwise miss.


    1. Kat,
      It is my sincere desire to help other budding authors as I’ve been helped. And promoting the works of other historical romance authors is my joy. Thanks for being so kind to comment!

    2. Oh, Kat…I forgot to address your thought about the cover. I was carrying that design around in my head for months and was thrilled when my publisher, Boroughs, agreed to my choice of cover artist. Kim Killion did a superb job of bringing my design to life and I am so pleased with it. We’ve already designed the cover for book #2, AGAINST THE WIND, and it’s equally elegant and enticing!

    1. Thanks! I am so glad you like it. It really depicts the book which is one of the requirements for a good cover for me.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! You’ve been very kind to take time out of your day to always wish me the best. I wish the same for you and your new PAN status with RWA!

    1. Jami,
      I am THRILLED you are reading and enjoying Racing With The Wind. Oh, do write a review if you have the time. And thanks!!

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