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EZ Money: Managing Your Own Book Translations with Cheryl Bolen

Class begins Monday, January 18th!
Last day to register is Friday, January 22nd!

EZ Money: Managing Your Own Book Translations
Instructor: Cheryl Bolen
Active Class Dates: 01/18/2021 – 01/28/2021
Cost: RFW-TBM Members: $15 — Non-Members: $20
Registration closes on January 22nd, 2021

Is this course image heavy? Not heavy, but there will be slides and a chart or two.

This workshop is a reprisal of Bolen’s popular presentation from the RWA national conference in New York. In it she will explain how much more lucrative it is for an author to take charge of his or her own foreign translations instead of letting an agency take a huge chunk of that money. She will discuss when it’s advisable to do a royalty split with translators vs. paying them outright, which markets are more profitable, and she will thoroughly explain the process of hiring and managing your own translators.

After selling 11 books to major publishers, Cheryl Bolen tossed five backlist titles into the cyberspace of indie publishing in 2011 and found her publishing sweet spot. Thirty more indie books have followed, many of them number one sellers in historical romance. Since going indie, she landed on the New York Times bestseller list and has had several books that were USA Today bestsellers. She spent more than two years as a Top 20 Regency author on Amazon, and she’s had two months in which her earnings topped $25,000. Before she sold her first book in 1997, she enjoyed careers as a journalist and an English teacher. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and a master’s from the University of Houston. Since 1998, she’s held continuous membership in the Beau Monde and is a recipient of the Lady of the Realm Award.

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