Regency Academe:
Constables, Coroners, and Courts: Fighting Crime in Regency England with Nancy Mayer

Class begins Monday, February 1st!
Last day to register is Friday, February 5th!

Constables, Coroners, and Courts:
Fighting Crime in Regency England

Instructor: Nancy Mayer
Active Class Dates: 02/01/21 – 02/28/21
Cost: RFW-TBM Members: $25 — Non-Members: $30
Registration closes on February 5th, 2021

Is this course image heavy? No, there may be a few images, but they are not essential to the course.

What happened when one was the victim of a crime? Who was responsible for each stage of an investigation, what were the procedures of the day, and what were the different police organizations and jurisdictions? Who would you summon for a murder, a suicide, or a suspicious death? In which court would you prosecute crimes, name a guardian, or sue a man for criminal conversion, and what did court proceedings look like? The course will also include a discussion of the legal procedures surrounding suicide, corruption of blood, and attainder, and participant questions are welcome.

Nancy Mayer has been researching the Regency for decades. She is a long-time member of the Beau Monde, and a recipient of the Lady of the Realm Award.

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