Tracy Edingfield – Featured Beau Monde Author

Today’s featured Beau Monde author is Tracy Edingfield!

Former attorney Tracy Edingfield spins steamy tales of Regency romances because love stories never get old, and we all wish to be in the moment when love magically blossoms.

Cover of His Moonbeam Girl
by Tracy Edingfield
Part of the Snowed in with a Rogue Anthology
Release Date: October 7, 2019

What do you love best/interests you most about the Regency Era?

The level of sophistication amongst the aristocracy and how it clashes with the naïveté of the working class. The customs and language are unique to this setting and is challenging to revisit history, respect it, then make it new.

What do you like the most about the Beau Monde Chapter? How long have you been a member?
The Beau Monde author is conscientious, intelligent, and resourceful. She is also generous in sharing her information and experience with people who crave knowledge of anything Regency related.  Tracy has been a member for 7 years.


You can find Tracy Edingfield online in the following places:
Twitter: @TEdingfield

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