TBM Forum:   Working on the Web Round-Up

This month, the Working on the Web articles include the complete guidelines for those Beau Monde authors who wish to submit a Featured Author posting to the Beau Monde blog. Whether you have just published your first Regency, or if you are a well-known, best-selling author with a couple of dozen novels to your credit, submitting a brief biography and your various web site and social media links is a service to those who enjoy your work. A Featured Author post will tell them something about you, and the links you provide will enable them to locate you on the web. As you will have learned from our ongoing series on SEO, each link to your web site or blog from another, relevant site will also help increase the search engine rankings of your site or blog. By submitting a Featured Author article for posting here, you do both your readers and yourself a service. The guidelines in the Working on the Web forum will provide all the information you need to submit a Featured Author article which can be posted without additional questions. In addition, you will learn a few tips on how a professional author should name files they are submitting for any kind of promotion opportunity. As a Beau Monde member, do be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to promote your books and inform your readers.

The article in the ongoing SEO series addresses some of the advanced navigation options which can help improve search engine ranking for your web site. However, these are advanced options which should only be implemented by an experienced web master or web site developer. But several links have been provided to SEO sites which provide the advanced information which your web master can use to further increase the search engine rankings of your web site.

In the Working on the Web forum next month, the SEO series will come to a close, ironically, with the information you will need to tell the web spiders to ignore certain sections of your web site which you would prefer not to have indexed or searched. In addition, another self-promotion opportunity for Regency authors will be discussed.

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