TBM Forum:   Working on the Web Round-Up

This month’s Working on the Web articles cover a diverse range of topics. For authors in search of just the right name for the characters in their work in progress, a review of a pair of perhaps the most comprehensive name databases to be found online, which not only offer a vast list of names, but also their meanings and their etymology. Another article posted this month was an alert regarding the most vicious types of malware to be seen on the web in some time. Known as "ransomware," this nasty new malware literally holds the data on your hard drive for ransom. This article provides details on how to protect your computer and offers some options on what to do if your hard drive is locked up with a demand that you pay the villains. Heading tags are the subject of this month’s SEO article. Though many people ignore them, this article details how they can become a powerful option for increasing a web site’s search engine rankings.

Next month, the Working on the Web forum will take a look an obvious opportunity for self-promotion which many authors overlook. Our series on SEO will explain how the navigation on your own web pages can be used to improve the SEO for that same web site.

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