TBM Forum:   Working on the Web Round-Up

This month, in the Working on the Web section of the Beau Monde forum, just in time for those authors preparing for the RWA Conference later this summer, members have shared additional sources for promotional materials. These new sources specialize in providing a host of promotional materials for authors and their books, for conferences, book signings and other opportunities for promoting your books. Log in to the Working on the Web forum area to learn more about these recommended promotional vendors.

Another article in the Working on the Web forum explains how to set your personal search preferences when using the Google search engine. In this article, you will learn how you can filter adult content from your search results, if you wish. You will also learn how to manage Google’s search predictions and how to control how many search results are delivered to you on each results page, among other search preferences.

Next month, the Working on the Web forum will include an article on how take advantage of the advanced search features which are offered by Google. With advanced search, you can refine your search to ensure you get the most relevant results possible.

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