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Regency Dance with Cara King

Last Call!! Class begins Thursday, October 1st!
Last day to register is Sunday, October 4th!

Regency Dance
Instructor: Cara King
Active Class Dates: 10/01/20 – 10/15/20
Cost: TBM Members: $15, Non-Members: $20
To Register:
Registration closes on October 4th, 2020

Number of Images: There are some images (descriptions will be provided) and also videos. An audio file can be made for each video describing what is going on, so that the action can be heard in real time with the music.

Social dancing was a vital skill for the upper classes during the English Regency, when everyone from Jane Austen to the Duke of Wellington considered dancing crucial for courtship, display, diplomacy, and celebration. But what was Regency dancing really like? Who did it, where, and with whom? How did it differ from what one sees in Jane Austen adaptations? How could one use it to flirt, to learn about someone’s character, or to impress someone? And what things could go disastrously wrong?

If you’re looking for amusing stories, weird facts, and useful information that will increase your understanding of the fiction of Jane Austen and her contemporaries, or are a writer of Regency-set fiction looking to add historical accuracy and richness to your ballroom scenes, or are simply interested in social history for the joy of it, you’ll find what you need here…and soon you’ll know where in a ballroom you could find “Bonaparte in a Knapsack.”

Cara King has been participating in Regency dance for twenty-five years. She is one of the organizers and teachers of Monrovia English Country Dance in Southern California, a frequent caller for the Historical Tea And Dance Society in Pasadena, CA, and a member of the Country Dance and Song Society. She has attended over thirty balls in Regency costume, and has made or seen every faux-pas in the books. (Luckily, she has yet to have her gown fall off on the dance floor.) She has also done extensive research into both primary and secondary sources for nuggets of information about what Regency dance was really like.

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