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New Releases from Authors of The Beau Monde Chapter (Regency Historical) of Romance Writers of America


In Milady’s Chamber by Sheri Cobb South

In Milady's ChamberCreateSpace, ISBN: 978-1483915739
Regency Mystery

When beautiful young Lady Fieldhurst discovers her faithless husband dead in her boudoir with her nail scissors protruding from his neck, it is up to John Pickett, twenty-four years old and new to the Bow Street force, to prove her innocence.

“This charming and lively historical cozy is the author’s first venture into the mystery genre, and she has created a definite winner. Pickett is a clever and amusing fella who well warrants a follow-up series.” –I Love a Mystery

Trade paperback re-issue of the 2006 Five Star hardcover edition.
April 2013

The Passions of Dr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan

Passions of Dr DarcySourcebooks Landmark,  1402273495
Georgian/Regency Historical Fiction & Romance

George Darcy is the second son of a wealthy landowner in Georgian Era England and, at 22, is considered to be a brilliant, rising star in England’s field of medicine. However, Dr. Darcy refuses the easy, comfortable pathway and enlists as a physician with the British East India Company, embarking on a personal quest where he strives to change the face of medicine while yearning to fill the void left within his soul at the death of his twin. His search for family, enduring love, and lost companionship is a quest not wholly realized until his return to England and Pemberley after thirty years of amazing adventures. It is then that a new generation of family and friends that will heal the physician, and to his greatest surprise, where the true love of his life awaits.
April 2013


The Magic of His Touch (May Day Mischief, Book One) by Barbara Monajem

The Magic of His TouchHarlequin Historical Undone, 978-1-460-31096-0
Regency Historical Novella (with a touch of the paranormal)

Tired of being paraded before every eligible bachelor, Peony Whistleby decides it’s time to find her true love-through the ancient custom of rolling naked in the dew on May Day morning. But the magic goes awry when she is caught in the act-and by an entirely unsuitable man. And yet, the way his eyes linger upon her flesh ignites a sensual craving that can only be satisfied by his touch…
April 2013



Her Husband’s Lover by Madelynne Ellis

Her Husband's LoverMischief, HarperCollins, ASIN: B00AAU7AEE
Regency Erotic Romance, Menage

Emma Langley abhors physical contact, consequential she´s shocked to her toes when she realises she attracted to one of her father´s guests. Robert, Lord Darleston is like no other man she´s ever met. He´s flamboyant, charming and terrifies her as much as he arouses her.

Nor is Emma the only person caught under his spell…
Forced into an arranged marriage to avoid exposure as a sodomite, Robert Darleston has a reputation as a rakehell and a voluptuary. His wife is a bitter, scheming harpy, whose
rumor-mongering has already driven him from London into the heart of the English
countryside. Here, fate unexpectedly reunites Darleston with his former lover, Lyle Langley.

Torn apart by the intervention of their families, the primary barrier to their reunion is now Emma, Lyle´s wife, a woman Darleston is fascinated by and has no wish to disrespect. All seems hopeless, that is, until Lyle admits that Emma is frigid and their marriage unconsummated.

Darleston proposes a plan… If he can just win Emma over, then maybe they can find happiness as a threesome. Old ghosts, a jealous wife, and an outraged father stand in his way.
March 2013

The Love List by Deb Marlowe

The Love ListRegency Historical

Miss Brynne Wilmott escaped her monstrous betrothed once, with the inadvertent help of the Duke of Aldmere.  Now Lord Marstoke has revived the old Harris List–that wickedly witty annual register of London’s light skirts–and is using it to destroy her future.  Aldmere has no wish to involve himself in Miss Wilmott’s affairs, but his brother is mixed up in the nasty business and has gone missing.  Reluctantly, the two agree to work together.  Their search leads them through some of London’s most dangerous haunts and it quickly becomes clear that Marstoke’s plans are more twisted and treasonous than anyone has suspected.  Yet the danger and intrigue are as nothing compared to the effect that Nathan and Brynne have on each other . . .

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Smashwords
April 2013


A Rogue in Sheep’s Clothing by Elf Ahearn

Rogue In Sheep's ClothingCrimson Romance
Regency romance with a Gothic twist.

In Lord Hugh Davenport’s opinion, women of the ton perpetually hide behind a mask of deception. That’s hard for Ellie Albright, the daughter of an earl, to swallow – especially since she’s disguised herself as a stable hand to get back the prized stallion her father sold to Hugh to pay a debt. If Hugh learns her true identity she’ll lose the horse and her family will go bankrupt. Somehow, though, losing Hugh’s affection is beginning to seem even worse.

Already only a step away from being snagged in her own web of lies, Ellie’s deceit threatens to spin out of control when Hugh’s mother invites Ellie and her sisters to a house party. Now Ellie has to scramble to keep Hugh from knowing she’s the stable girl he wants to marry, while simultaneously trying to win his trust as herself. Can she keep her costumes straight long enough to save her family? And even if she does, will it be worth losing his love?

Available at Amazon, B&N and
Author blog – The Writer’s Cat
April 2013


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