Making the Most of Your Membership

Welcome to Regency Fiction Writers. This guide explains all the benefits of membership. If you have questions, you can email RFW’s Membership Director.

Events and Classes

RFW offers many events throughout the year. All are either free or discounted for members.

The RFW Conference is held each year, with a keynote speech by a noted author, workshops on craft, marketing, and research of interest to writers with novels set in the Regency-era, networking with other writers, and much more.

Monthly Teas are free, once-a-month workshops that offer an opportunity to learn from subject matter experts on a variety of Regency-related topics. In addition, members can access recordings of past Monthly Teas. Check out the Monthly Teas page to register for future Teas, or view the list of recorded teas on the Past Recordings page to catch up on past workshops.

The Regency Academe offers discounted online courses about the Regency era and fiction writing led by exceptional instructors. Course topics range from the craft of writing to specific research areas. Click here to see upcoming courses.

Community Discussion and Camaraderie

The forums are the backbone of RFW’s community. They provide a place for members to chat, collaborate, ask questions, and learn from one another. You can view all the available forums on the Forums page.

The RFW Member Forums provide an area for members to come together in a community of writers who understand your historical details. You can access the General Discussion forum, News & Announcements, and more from the Forums page.

Book-in-a-Week (BIAW) is a week-long challenge to help authors focus on their productivity. The third week of each month, authors set word counts they hope to achieve and encourage each other daily to meet those goals.


RFW hosts resources for members–whether you want to dig into a specific research topic, discover additional research sources, or see what new novels your fellow members have published recently.

The Regency Realm is an exclusive compendium of references on Regency England and beyond. First collected in 1995, this annotated bibliography now contains more than 900 references, including books, magazines, videos, and websites with information on many subjects of interest to writers of Regency-era fiction. Access to The Regency Realm access is granted to members only, making it a definite perk of membership. Click here for The Regency Realm.

The Quizzing Glass Blog promotes Regency fiction and information about the era to readers and writers around the world. Members are welcome to submit articles that may be of general interest to readers. You can also sign up to receive posts via email. Click here to view The Quizzing Glass.

The Regency Reader is a monthly email sent to readers world-wide featuring the latest releases in Regency-set fiction, including mysteries, paranormal, alternate historical novels, historical novels set in the extended Regency era, and romances. Members are allowed unlimited free submissions to The Regency Reader.

The Regency Encyclopedia is an online reference of the Jane Austen Society of North America, which has graciously granted access to members of Regency Fiction Writers. View the Encyclopedia and use the login RTReader and password ReadSmarter.

Financial Assistance

The Emily Hendrickson Scholarship Fund is for those who need “A Feather to Fly With,” meaning a little bit of financial aid. Named for the late Emily Hendrickson, a writer and former member who gave generously of her time and expertise, this scholarship for members in good standing can be used for membership renewal, Academe classes, writing contest entry fees for Regency works, or for the RFW Conference. Visit the Scholarship page to learn more and apply.


Get Involved! RFW is a volunteer-led organization, and we welcome all volunteers. Do you love social media? Are you great at newsletters, or perhaps you want to share your research as a post on our blog? Would you enjoy moderating an Academe class or helping out during our conference? If so, we’d love to have you! Give back to RFW and gain opportunities to make new friends and work with other writers who love and understand our time period. Visit the Volunteer page to learn more.