Fancy Dress

As the crowning of King Charles III nears, I can’t resist sharing this image of George IV in his full coronation glory in 1821.

Prinny’s coronation robes were so ornate he needed help in his progress down the aisles of Westminster Abbey. This 1823 painting of the King George’s coronation by Edward Scriven shows the Master of the Robes and the eight sons of various Peers of the Realm who were chosen to carry George’s train.

Charles appears to have a simpler style, so I doubt he’ll opt for a robe that’s as elaborate as his predecessor’s.

In fact, according to a recent Vanity Fair Magazine article, Charles has complained about the weight of his coronation clothes, and there’s concern at the Palace that he may find walking while wearing his heavy robes difficult. There’s even talk of building a ramp to the thrones in Westminster Abbey to make it easier for him.

Will Charles need a small army of  courtiers to carry his train, the way George IV did? We’ll just have to wait and see  what the newly crowned king wears on May 6!



“Report: King Charles’s Coronation Robes Are Sowing Havoc for Planners,” by Erin Vanderhoof, Vanity Fair Magazine, April 12, 2023

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  1. I have seen several reports that claim GIV’s coronation was the most expensive. It is hard comparing costs over decades but the impression is that G4’s coronation was over the top. Of course, his coronation also had the excitement of the Queen being barred from entering the building. The crowd that had cheered her after the Trial, now asked her to just go away.

  2. Love this! As for Charles not being able to walk with weighty robes… that’s what happens when the monarch is in his 70’s. I’m excited to see all the pomp and circumstance.

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