Assembly Room – Roundup of Regency posts by Angelyn Schmid

Assembly Room – A Roundup of Regency and other historical posts byAngelyn Schmid
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Foolscap and a cockscomb–it’s amazing what you’ll find in the Beau Monde archives, with thanks to The Regency Redingotehttp://bit.ly/JsU1P3

Regency mail (don’t you just love Susanna’s blog stationary?) http://bit.ly/IVW883

1803 Royal Mail
1803 Royal Mail

Observations from rural parts of the Regency (the book was so good I obtained a copy of my own!)  http://bit.ly/LNEhTP

Strange English dining customs and furniture  http://bit.ly/HxoXso

Petticoats in the Regency era – a Suzy Love special:  http://bit.ly/LNFk6f

English breakfast (marmalade, yum — pickled herring, not so much): http://bit.ly/KYsOi3

Capote Bonnet: Balloon Bonnet, Heideloff 1794-98
Capote Bonnet: Balloon Bonnet, Heideloff 1794-98
Servants (a great overview — puts one in mind of Heyer’s spying servant Finglass in Cotillion) http://allaboutromance.com/servants/

The Capote bonnet: http://bit.ly/HXzoqb

William Wilberforce:  http://bit.ly/HVBHJ8

The Antrobus travelling chariot (and some lovely pictures besides!)  http://bit.ly/IupT5e

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