Assembly Room – Round-up of Regency and historical posts

1805-1825 Almack's Assembly Room
1805-1825 Almack's Assembly Room

Assembly Room – Round-up of Regency and historical posts

by The Beau Monde member Angelyn Schmid.

Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte – part two:  http://bit.ly/yMHTj3
Regency Velocipede (now isn’t that dandy?):  http://bit.ly/w0mKw7

The Regency figure – more Reubens than sylph? http://bit.ly/AnKRJt
Boxing and the Sweet Science http://bit.ly/wS3D8v and http://bit.ly/GCRXjq
Mudlarking in the Thames http://bit.ly/GCVzyH
The Empress Josephine’s gowns http://bit.ly/xxVtBU
Machine made net and gauze – who knew? http://bit.ly/zhhj8K
Sir William Knighton – Regency Physician http://www.sirwilliamknighton.com/
The British calvary and its reputation http://bit.ly/zyrolc
It’s what started the Regency – King George III’s illness http://bit.ly/wpqhYU
The English Turnpike system http://bit.ly/zJeAHW
 Shooting grouse http://bit.ly/GARaPe
Just in time for Nationals – the Regency costume shoe http://bit.ly/GAWp4S
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