November 1-30, 2024

For Legacy, Love & Money: Estate Management in the English Regency

WITH Louisa Cornell
An image of a regency era estate

Class Description

This course looks at how women were regarded in scientific fields during the wider Regency era (1790 to 1820) and provides information on a number of significant women of the time, which fields they worked in, and their contributions to science. We will predominantly look at women in England, and close countries – those most likely to have been known to the characters we write in our books.

Each will be covered relatively lightly (we don’t have time for a full in-depth life story of each one!), with references provided so that course participants can look more deeply into each after the course.

Participants can ask questions throughout the course, and those questions and the answers will be provided as an extra lesson PDF at the end of the course. (So if you need some specific information for your WIP, get those questions ready!)

Louisa Cornell

About the Instructor

Kim, who writes Regency as Arietta Richmond, is currently working on her sixty-fourth regency story, with many more planned for the future. And all of those books have, inevitably, required research…

That research has led her down many rabbit holes, and she has discovered that she enjoys the research almost as much as the writing. Many of her books feature plot elements centered around events at the time, including new scientific discoveries, and things which changed the way that life worked.

She loves creating courses (like this one) which capture some of her research into useful bundles for others to use (it’s an excuse to do more research, too…), and can be prone to providing an excessive amount of information.

Instructor Website:  which is not up to date… research and writing are more fun than updating the website….

Class Delivery

Class Format


Written Lectures: PDFs
Pictures: quite a few illustrations
Writing Exercises: some optional exercises
Other: If people are interested, a Zoom call near the end of the course, for a Q and A.

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$40 for RFW members
$55 for non-members

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