July 1 – JUly 30, 2024

What Did I Call the Butler in Book 2? How to Organize Your Next Series

WITH Kim Lambert writing as Arietta Richmond

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An image of three ladies from the regency era.

Class Description

This course looks at what you need to organize, to make sure that your series doesn’t suffer from continuity errors, that character names and behaviors stay consistent, from book to book, and that when you get to book 10, and your head is so full of things that you can’t hang onto them all, you have captured all of it as you went, and can just look up what you need to know.

This also covers organizing your files on your computer, so that if you are self-publishing, you have everything in place when you are ready to upload – and you can still find it all years later, if you want to do a new edition. It makes sure that you always know which file is the latest version, but that you can also keep previous version files, just in case you do need something you thought you didn’t…

(In 2025, Kim/Arietta will also be running a course on Regency World Building, which will mesh with what you learn in this course, to keep the growing space your characters live in under your control…)

Kim Lambert

About the Instructor

Kim, who writes regency as Arietta Richmond, is currently working on her sixty-fourth regency story, with many more planned for the future. And all of those books have, inevitably, required research… and organization. That research has led her down many rabbit holes, and she has discovered that she enjoys the research almost as much as the writing. Many of her books feature plot elements centered around events at the time, including new scientific discoveries, and things which changed the way that life worked.

And because she tends to write in series–usually long series–she rapidly realized that she needed a process for managing all of that information–be it research results, or the names of people and places mentioned in earlier parts of the series, or elements of her characters’ world which needed to be consistent from book to book.

 There is nothing more frustrating than having to go back and read every word of the previous three books in your series, to find the one line where you referenced something, to be sure that this book doesn’t contradict it…So she designed a process which makes it easy to keep track and which has since saved her many, many hours of annoyance.

She loves creating courses (like this one) which capture some of her research into useful bundles for others to use (it’s an excuse to do more research, too…), and can be prone to providing an excessive amount of information. Learn more at www.ariettarichmond.com

Class Delivery

Class Format


Written Lectures: PDFs
Video Lectures: possibly one – pre-recorded and watchable in your own time
Pictures: quite a few illustrations
Writing Exercises: some optional exercises
Other: If people are interested, a Zoom call near the end of the course for a Q and A.

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$55 for non-members

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